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Finally, a story about dementia that is a breadth of fresh air

Two very different women are about to take you on a journey of extraordinary discoveries. Violet is an independent, godly woman living in Chicago: her daughter Suzka is a painter living the bohemian life in a converted warehouse in California. Suzka would have been the last person you would think to be a caregiver. However, when Violet is diagnosed with dementia, Suzka is suddenly left in charge. What follows makes for a novel that is funny, poignant and fascinating in its portrayal of dementia. 


Wonders In Dementialand is exquisitely written. The lyrical language is the confetti thrown liberally throughout the pages, adding paint and color to the story. Readers will laugh and cry and hopefully see the extraordinary wonders that can only be found living in Dementialand.


Wonders In Dementialand is a quirky, heart-warming story. It’s funny, sad and touching at the same time giving the reader a glimpse into the life of dementia through unexpected lenses as a mother and daughter engage in growing out of their ‘selves’.


- Once in a awhile, you get to read a story that takes a topic that is very important and very universal, that everyone can relate to and look at it from a completely different angle; that is what the author did in Wonders In Dementialand. Suzka has such an original view on things, that is completely unique.

There is not one page in this book that I thought I had read some-where in a similar way... zip, nada never happened

– Radek Węgrzyn

– Every page is an adventure, a wild carnival ride through surreal conservations, funny characters, tenderness and artistic observations.


– I love this book because of its attitude. Suzka delivers a funny uplifting portrait of dementia full of hope and joy. Dementia comes alive for us and becomes a lover, a friend, a place we too can enter.


– Suzka writes with an animated voice and keenly observed details. – I started reading and waited patiently to get bored. It never happened... I stayed for a great experience in literature.

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